Pinaisara Waterfall 1 day tour.

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Pinaisara is the largest waterfall in Okinawa , with a height of about 55m. "Pinai" means a beard and "sara" means a waterfall.
This name was given to the waterfall because it looks like an old mans beard, when looked at from a distance. Tour consist of kayaking on the river and hiking on a beautiful mountain path to the falls.
This one day tour goes to the top of the falls and back down to the basin. While there you will be able to view the natural beauty of the island, a site that will stay with you forever.

Level of difficulty starstarstar

Beginners are Welcomed

The scenery from the top of the waterfall

Tour Available All year round
Required age group Over 5 years
Fees Adult ¥10,000
Elementary and middle school age ¥8,000
Toddler ¥6,000
Tour lenght 6.0 to 7.0 hours .
Items used River Kayak and Boots

Price includes :

Shoes, waterproof bag, backpack and lunch box.

Look up at the waterfall

The schedule of this tourThe schedule of this tour .

9:00 Shuttle service (pick customer up at their hotel or sea port).
To the bottom
9:30 Arrive Staging point Mare River, for quick class/lesson for Kayaking tour.
To the bottom
10:00 Depart on tour (start kayaking the Hinai river).
To the bottom
11:00 Arrive destination (upper reach Hinai River) to start Hiking.
To the bottom
11:50 Arrive at the top of the Pinaisara Waterfalls.
To the bottom
12:00~13:00 lunch break..
To the bottom
13:00 Hike to the basin of the Waterfalls .
To the bottom
14:00 Arrive at the basin.Rest and relaxation, water play and snack..
To the bottom
14:40 Hike back to the upper reach of the Hinai River .
To the bottom
15:00 Arrive at the upper reach of the Hinai River (start Kayaking down the river).
To the bottom
16:00 Arrive staging point.

Anemone Fish

NOTE:During the summer season, all the tours might be one hour early.

img The basin of a waterfall
Heritiera littoralis, called Sakishima-suo in Iriomote.

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