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Iriomote Island is a place where you can enjoy a beautiful Shinny
Emerald Green Ocean all year round.
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Iriomote Island is a place where you can enjoy a beautiful Shinny Emerald Green Ocean all year round.
Most of the island is covered by a Sub tropical juggle and mangrove forests.
While you are here you can relax on the beach, and take a hiking, kayaking, or snorkeling tour with one of our bilingual tour guides.

You could take a day trip from Ishigaki Island.Feel free to call us for any questions, or tour reservations.

Tours are offered for individuals and small groups up to 7 people.
If you would like to book a larger group, please contact us for availability.

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Price include lunch, shoes, waterproof bag, backpack,and tax. Everything is in it.

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Hat or Cap,Sun Protection Cream,Swim Wear (wear under cloth),Sunglasses,
Towel,Zip Lock (It is useful. If you have),Drink Water 1or 2 Bottle


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Pinaisara Waterfall 1 day tour. (6˜7hours)

Pinaisara WaterfallPinaisara Waterfall is the biggest in Okinawa, and the most famous.
River Kayaking & Trekking Tour
1day tour goes to the top of waterfall and the basin of waterfall.


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Adult ¥10,000
Student under 14 years ¥8,000

Pinaisara Waterfall half day tour. (3˜4 hours)

Pinaisara Waterfall half dayYou could choose departure AM or PM.
River Kayaking & Trekking Tour
Half day tour goes to the basin of waterfall.


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Adult ¥6,000 Student under 14 years ¥5,000.


Sea Kayaking Tour. (6˜7hours)

Each course ¥11,000

  • Every sea kayaking tours are effected by weather condition (wind and wave) very much there fore, sometimes tour have to be canceled or changed course.

Nakara Waterfall

Nakara WaterfallSea Kayaking & Trekking
Depart from Shirahama Sea Port to Nakara River. Kayaking about2 hours on Nakara River, and Trekking about 30 minutes to get Nakara Waterfall. It is Long Course!!!

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Mizuochi Waterfall

Mizuochi Water fallSea Kayaking
Depart from Shirahama Sea Port to Hunauki Bay.Kayaking around Hunauki Bay, and Going to Mizuochi Waterfall.

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Funauki Village

Funauki Snorkeling & Sea Kayaking
Depart from Shirahama Sea Port to Hunauki Ida Beach.You could snorkel most of time, and relax on the Ida Beach.

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Baras Island & North Coast

Baras IslandSnorkeling & Sea Kayaking
Depart from Uehara or Hunaura Sea Port to Barasu Island.Kayaking around North Coast, and Snorkeling at Barasu Island.


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Hatoma Island

hatoma IslandSea Kayaking & Snorkeling
Depart from Uehara Sea Port to Hatoma Island.This is challenging course.We could go to Hatoma Island when weather is very calm.

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Yutsun Waterfall Trekking. (6˜7hours)

Jungle trekking tour to Yutsun Waterfall.

Trekking Tour

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Adult ¥10,000 Student under 14 years ¥8,000

about iriomote Island

Iriomote Island is the largest of the Yaeyama Islands and the second largest in Okinawa Prefecture after Okinawa Island itself.
The island has an area of 289 km2. The total population is less than 2,400, and infrastructure is limited to a single coastal road connecting the hamlets on the northern and eastern shores. The island does not have an airport.The main transportation to this island is a ferry from Ishigaki-jima Island. Administratively the island belongs to Taketomi Town, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

The island is famed for the Iriomote Cat (Japanese: Iriomote-yamaneko), an endangered nocturnal wildcat found only on Iriomote and considered by some to be its own species. There are estimated to be only about 100 Iriomote cats left in the wild.